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Lots of Action in 2020!

2020 has been a crazy and challenging year so far, in many ways.  That said, it has been a very busy summer for real estate and inspections!

Water softener drain line

Does this look right to you?  If not, then you’re on your way to becoming a home inspector.  This is a completely WRONG way to drain your water softener! This homeowner needs to call the water softener guy and get a refund on the installation.

There are right and wrong ways to install an attic ladder.  This is the WRONG way.  Be sure to have your attic ladder installed by a professional.

Judgemental Map of Tampa Bay

If you have lived in the Tampa Bay area for a long time, then you may find humor in this one. 🙂

How Much is Too Much?

Not only is the insulation installed upside down, the is too much insulation in this attic.

Jack Pot!

Found in attic.  Advised homeowner that this is a bad idea due to risk of fire or rodent damage.