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Licensing – is it Important to You?

This article features proposed bill in TN which could allow many professionals to conduct business without a license. Some of the careers are very surprising such as a contractors, plumbers and real estate brokers.

Here in Florida, the Licensing requirements for home inspection is very simple – just about anyone can become a ‘home inspector’ within a few months. Some many new companies popping up and all claiming to have 5 or 10 years of experience. No doubt that a person has experience but the ‘experience’ should be related to home inspection or construction. The number of home inspectors in the Tampa Bay area has more than quadrupled in the past few years. Many people falsely advertise themselves and their credentials so you must be very careful before you hire!

About the author

Todd Johnson has been a home inspector in the Tampa Bay area since 1998. He is extremely detail oriented and takes great satisfaction in his work. Todd understands the importance of the inspection and how much is riding on it; after all, it's YOUR home! Call Todd at Frontline Inspections today at (727) 460-2655