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Pool Safety – Make Sure Your Drain is not a Safety Hazard

Is you pool drain unsafe?

Pool floor drains have enough suction to hold a person under the water. Entrapment injuries and deaths from drowning occur all too frequently in Florida, particularly in the summer months.

3 Ways to keep your pool safe:

  1. Install dual main drain openings rather than a single drain. Dual drains will not trap a child.
  2. Install an ‘Anti-Vortex’ drain cover. These can prevent entrapment due to their design.
  3. Install a Safety Vacuum Release System (SVRS) which shuts off the pump when a vacuum is sensed.

Frontline Property Inspections can check your pool drain cover for safety during the course of a residential home inspection and can make recommendations for updates, if needed.

Have a wonderful and safe summer in your pool!

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