Realtors Benefit From Frontline Inspections Too!

As a real estate professional, your relationship with your clients is one based on trust in your expertise and reliance on your service. A home inspection is one more way that you can help your clients feel confident at that "moment of truth" during their decision to buy or sell.

Every person involved in a residential real estate transaction can benefit from a professional home inspection. An inspection conducted by a buyer may present an opportunity to take the cost of repairs into account in the offer to purchase. While a home inspection conducted prior to listing can help you avoid nasty surprises during negotiations and provide a list of potential upgrades.

Satisfied buyers, who don't end up with costly surprises, become repeat customers and a great referral source. That's why the better real estate agents suggest professional home inspections to their buyers. Even in jurisdictions where there are no disclosure requirements, trouble-free transactions are good for everybody. Home inspections reduce litigation, demonstrate integrity, and provide added value for the agent, who gets recommended to the client's family and friends.